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Our Mission

We Take Care Of The Behaviors

Our Mission

Our mission at Top Dog Training is to create co-existence by training dogs to the highest level using intuitive, effective methods. We are dedicated to educating owners, fostering understanding, and cultivating a strong bond between humans and their canine companions. We believe in the transformative power of well-trained dogs and well-informed owners, working together to create a peaceful, loving, and harmonious home environment.







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We Provide A Wide Range of Dog Training & Behavior Solutions
Puppy Training

Hybrid Program

This program is designed for busy dog owners who want to be involved in their dog’s training but have limited time. It serves as a middle ground between private lessons and board & train.

Great for those leaving on a week vacation who still want to be more involved in their dog’s training

Builds a relationship with the trainer faster, ensuring trust upon starting private lessons

Ideal for those who don’t have a flexible schedule

Program Details
  • 1 week of board and train
  • 6 private in-home lessons
  • The 1 week of board and train lays the foundation for obedience
  • The 6 lessons further the owner’s knowledge & relationship with their dog

Board & Train

These programs are geared towards “the busy body.” Owners who want to learn how to manage their dog after their dog has been trained. Two programs: 3 Week and 6 Week.

Propels your dog toward advanced obedience faster

Emphasizes owner education at the end of the program

Fastest way to reset dog’s foundation

Program Details
  • 3 weeks of boarding
  • 3 (free) in-person private lessons after completion
  • Focus is reliable obedience and on/ off leash training
  • 6 weeks of boarding
  • 4 (free) in-person private lessons after completion
  • Focus on behavior modification and advanced obedience

10 Private Lessons

This program is geared towards owners who want to be fully involved in the dog’s training and management.

One-on-one lessons exclusively with the trainer and owner

Lessons are conducted in the client’s home and in various public settings

Emphasis on empowering owners to train their own dog

Program Details
  • 10, one hour long in-person private lessons
  • 1 to 2 lessons per week
  • Homework for owners in between lessons

Why Choose Top Dog Training?

Clients Trust Our Work

We know that choosing a dog trainer is a big decision, and that’s why we’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience. Here are just a few of the reasons why clients trust Top Dog Training:

Proven Track Record

All Ages & Breeds Welcome

Variety of Services

Package Prices

Intuitive Training

In-Person Consultations


What Our Clients Say

All trainers are not created equal.

When looking for someone to help us train Buddy, we looked into many trainers. We initially had a trainer come to our house for an evaluation. She told us Buddy was untrainable without any direct interaction with our dog. We paid $150 dollars to be told that. Our next phone call was to Mitch from Top Dog Training LLC.

We met with Mitch. He immediately interacted with Buddy during our initial consultation. Mitch laid our fears to rest that Buddy was trainable. Buddy was a very fearful dog. After a couple sessions Buddy has made amazing progress. Mitch has given our family the skills to help build Buddy’s confidence and our own. Buddy is now truly a different dog who follows basic commands and is even learning some tricks. With the foundation that Mitch has laid we feel there is nothing that Buddy can’t learn.
In the future we are planning on another dog. We will be running to Top Dog LLC. Mitch has become a part of the family.
Anyone can call themselves a trainer without having any skills. Then there are the professionals at Top Dog LLC. Thank you Mitch and Top Dog LLC.
Joseph Michael Ray Sr.

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+1 651-500-8018


Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and evaluation.


+1 651-500-8018


Contact Top Dog Training

What Can We Help You With?